External Events

EMAN conference’s scope was to establish and expand international contacts and co-operation across regions and countries. The main purpose of the conference was to provide scientists an encouraging and stimulating environment in which they may present results of their research to the scientific community and general public. Dr.

Dr. Chara Karakosta and Ms. Katerina Papapostolou (NTUA) participated in the 6thStudent Conference of HELORS, 28 February - 2 March 2019, Xanthi, Greece with the paper:

SET-Nav partners Katerina Papapostolou and Chara Karakosta (NTUA) participated in the ICEF IV, 4thInternational Conference on Engineering and Formal Sciences, held in Amsterdam  on 14-15 December 2018, and disseminated SET-Nav work through the presentation with the title "Assessment of Alternative Policy Strategies towards a Decarbonised Energy System: A Fuzzy-PROMETHEE Approach”.

Webinar: Scenarios for deep decarbonisation of the EU industry

Highlighting technological innovation, addressing systemic change

In the EU and its Member States, the aim is to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases up to a minimum and to use energy more efficiently. Decarbonisation of industry plays a key role in reaching this goal.  

SET-Nav partner NTNU participated in the CenSES 2018 “Energy and climate conference: Clean Energy for All”, which took place on 22 November 2018, in Oslo, Norway. At the conference Ruud Egging (NTNU) presented preliminary insights from the SET-Nav pathways, and disseminated modelling results through the presentation “Insights from large-scale multi-model analyses of the EU Energy transition”. 

The EU Commission tries to determine by the reform of emissions trading during the 4th trading period, the original idea of ​​this market-based instrument to meet. At the same time, however, competitiveness, especially in the energy-intensive industry that is heavily affected, should also be maintained. How this should be implemented in concrete terms or how the situation will affect German companies in particular was further explained in detail by the speakers from BMU and DEHSt. Further

Chara Karakosta (NTUA) participated in Climate Change Conference in Athens on the 9th November 2018. NTUA delivered SET-Nav message through networking and discussion with relevant stakeholders. The conference acted as an information and dialogue platform on the impact of climate change policies on businesses in all sectors. Policies with the triple goal of ‘internalizing’ emissions costs, increasing the use of renewable sources and saving energy, are gaining increasing interest amongst:

SET-Nav partners Ulf Johansen (SINTEF) participated in the ERSA congress “Places for People: Innovative, Inclusive and Liveable Regions”. ERSA puts people back at the heart of regional and urban development to examine how spatial and regional analysis can work to improve people’s lives. The Congress hosted a large variety of themes in spatial, regional, and urban economics, economic geography, and regional policy topics like local governance and institutions.