SET-Nav Modelling Workshop, 29 March 2017, Zurich, Switzerland


Date and time: Wednesday, 29 March 2017, 08:30 – 18:00
Location: ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
Venue: Room LEE E 101, LEE Building, Leonhardstrasse 21, 8092, Zurich

The second SET-Nav Modelling workshop on "Modelling of Risk & Uncertainty in Energy Systems" was held on the 29th March 2016 and organized by ETH Zurich.

The workshop was a seminar style lectures on state-of-the-art modelling techniques and applications. It covered the following topics:

  • State of the art approaches used in reliability, risk an uncertainty modelling in energy systems.
  • Modelling methodologies for stochastic programming applications in energy systems.  

SET-Nav Modelling workshops are open to interested energy modellers, also beyond the project members. As such, these workshops serve as an open exchange platform and serve the goal of the Horizon 2020 programme of transparency and openness in applied modelling.

The presentations of the workshop could be found below:

SET-Nav Modelling ForumDawud Ansari, DIW

Foundational issues of risk assessment, Terje Aven, Uis

Uncertainty representation and propagation , Nicola Pedroni, ECP

Risk modelling for interdependent energy carriers, Giovanni Sansavini, ETHZ

Stochastic bi-level electricity market modelling, Martin Densing, PSI

A multi-horizon stochastic programming model for investments under operational uncertainty, Christian Skar and Ruud Egging, NTNU

Decentralized generation systems under uncertainty, Han Xuejiao, ETHZ


Read now the Issue Paper on Risk and Uncertainty Modelling in Energy Systems!

Download now the Discussion paper: Engineering Resilience in Critical Infrastructures!

Download the Agenda of the Modelling workshop here!

Download the welcome speech by Dawud Ansari, DIW Berlin  here.

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