SET-Nav at Climate Change Conference, 9 November 2018, Athens, Greece


Chara Karakosta (NTUA) participated in Climate Change Conference in Athens on the 9th November 2018. NTUA delivered SET-Nav message through networking and discussion with relevant stakeholders. The conference acted as an information and dialogue platform on the impact of climate change policies on businesses in all sectors. Policies with the triple goal of ‘internalizing’ emissions costs, increasing the use of renewable sources and saving energy, are gaining increasing interest amongst:

  • Companies of all sectors of production and consumption of energy
  • International organizations, financial houses and funds, as well as insurance firms
  • Producers, traders and energy exchanges
  • Auditing, law firms and related advisory activities
  • Qualified Ministries and relevant Authorities such as RAE (Regulatory Authority for Energy), LAGIE (Operator for Electricity Market), IPTO (Independent Power Transmission Operator), HEDNO (Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator).

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