SET-Nav Regional Workshop, 26 February 2019, Budapest, Hungary


Venue: Budapest Music Center

1093 Budapest Mátyás utca 8. 

The Regional workshop in Budapest was organised by REKK on the 26th of February 2019. The event disseminated and discussed results of the SET-Nav project on a regional level showcasing the pathways results and preparing the ground for the SET-Nav final conference. At the Regional workshop in Budapest modelling teams presented the main results and policy recommendations for the Pathways Scenarios. Pathways show four possible scenarios on how to reach the 2050 EU decarbonisation tartgets. Detailed sectoral analyses of building, industry, transport, electricity and heating sector presented storylines for decarbonisation and highlight the main challenges and opportunities.

During the workshop relevant stakeholder feedback on the modelling results were gathered. The regional workshop was attended by stakeholders from industry, regulators, and energy agencies. 

Download the report on the Regional Workshops in Budapest (and Proceedings).

Download the Agenda here!

The presentations of the workshop could be found below:

SET-Nav Welcome and Overview Gustav Resch,TU Wien

SET-Nav project IntroductionGustav Resch,TU Wien

Pathways definition and main results, Pedro Crespo del Granado, NTNU

Pathways analysis results for the building sector, Michael Hartner, TU Wien

Pathways analysis results for the transport sector, Stephanie Heitel, Fraunhofer ISI

Decarbonizing industry: Extending the scope of mitigation, Andrea Herbst, Fraunhofer ISI

Pathways analysis results for the power and heat sector, Frank Sensfuß, Fraunhofer ISI

Pathways analysis results for the electricity network development, Sara Lumbreras, Comillas

Pathways analysis results for the gas network development, Péter Kotek, REKK