SET-Nav Modelling workshop, 11 October 2018, Berlin Germany


On October 11, 2018, SET-Nav organized the last one of the workshop series at DIW Berlin (Germany) on the topic

 “Two-stage decision making and modelling for energy markets”

Venue: DIW Berlin (Germany), Elinor Ostrom Hall (1st floor)

Two-stage decision modeling enabled us to better describe complex situations and interactions in energy markets (e.g. between infrastructure decisions and operational decisions). The workshop was a combination of a seminar style lecture on the basics of multi-level modelling in the complementarity format and shorter conference style presentations of applications. It focused on the equilibrium modeling framework and include modern solution techniques.


Key speaker: Prof. Sauleh Siddiqui, Johns Hopkins University


Read now the Issue paper on Multilevel equilibrium problems with applications in energy!

The Agenda of the workshop is availabe here!

The presentations of the workshop could be found below:

Welcome and introduction, Dawud Ansari (DIW Berlin/EADP) & Franziska Holz(DIW Berlin)

SET-Nav … the project at a glance, Marijke Welisch (TU Wien/ DIW Berlin)

Modeling coordination between renewables and grid: Policies to mitigate distribution grid constraints using residential PV-battery systems, Paul Neetzowa, Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin

Network Expansion to Mitigate Market Power, Alexander Zerrahn (DIW Berlin)

Least-cost distribution network tariff design in theory and practice, Tim Schittekatte (Florence School of Regulation / Paris -Sud Univerisity) 

Multi-objective bi-level optimization problem for the investment in new gas infrastructures, Aurora del Valle Diez (Comillas Pontifical University)