LCE 21 – Energy System Modelling Clustering Event, 28 November 2017, Brussels, Belgium


The LCE 21 – Energy System Modelling Clustering Event was organised on the 28 of November 2017 in Brussels. The meeting fostered exchange between the different energy system modelling projects in the Horizon 2020 Program, namely REEEM, SET-NavMEDASREFLEX

Several common issues were discussed:

Scenario: The discussion concluded that since it was impossible to take the same assumptions in different models, it would be worth trying to map the different dimensions. A clusters of scenarios can be foreseen: the clustering will serve to make common, shared conclusions and maybe policy recommendations. 

Methodology: The discussion was about the possibility to exchange factsheets on the different models used.

Data: The main aspects discussed were related to the:

  • Categorization of data: which level of aggregation, metadata. 
  • Exchange of data: which sets of data can be shared and which protocols are needed
  • Having a session at EMP-E 2018 

Dissemination and Exploitation: The organisation of a common event alongside the 2018 SET-Plan conference has been envisaged, as well as the possibility to organise a lunchtime conference at DG ENER combined with a common policy brief. 


Find the Agenda here.

The SET-NAv presentations are available below:

SET-Nav Dissemination

SET-Nav Modelling (Results-Barriers-Future Activities)