Scheduled: SET-Nav Modelling workshop, 7 September 2017, Vienna, Austria

Date: Thursday, 7, September, 2017
Location: Vienna, Austria
Venue: Campus Freihaus - D Vortragsraum Bibliothek, DD, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8, 1040 Wien

This workshop is part of a series of five workshops related to specific challenges with regard to modelling, in the course of the Horizon2020 project SET-Nav ( These workshops aim at  the development of more holistic models that are better able to answer the research questions of the future, by assessing the caveats of existing approaches and developing strategies to overcome the limitations. We will exchange best-practice examples and, whenever necessary, formulate and test alternative modelling approaches. 

The topic of this workshop “Aggregating load profiles from the power sector models towards use in large-scale energy-system and integrated assessment models”, to better account for the stochastic nature of variable renewable energy sources and the challenges to large-scale models by the different timescales relevant for distinct aspects of the energy system (second-by-second energy balance in the power sector, while climate and environment models “think” in decades for changes to take effect).

An important pillar of the SET-Nav project is integration and expansion of existing energy (system) models. The specific topic of this workshop is relevant for extending existing load profiles and demand side flexibility interfaces between demand and supply models. The plan is to extract sufficient information from the bottom-up models and the load-profile and demand flexibility interface to allow the energy system and supply models to endogenously account for and optimize the demand shifting options. Therefore, the workshop is not only relevant and important to the modelling community but its results will be furthermore put to use in the project and will be directly applied in model expansion/integration and thereafter the model application to assess future policy pathways for the EU up to 2050. 

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Call for papers – Special Issue 

We invite proposals for paper submission addressing the theme “Aggregating load profiles from power sector models towards use in large-scale energy-system and integrated assessment models"

Abstract Deadline: 31st  of August, 2017
Final Submission: 30th of September, 2017

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