Modelling Forum

The SET-Nav team will bring together modelling groups from varied backgrounds. These groups use a diverse set of approaches (econometric, optimization, equilibrium, simulation) and focus on distinct aspects of the energy-economy-environment system.

This opportunity will be used to develop competencies and new approaches across existing modelling methodologies, drawing on approaches from different frameworks and economic concepts. The cross-fertilization between perspectives will allow to better capture the inter-dependencies between economic and technological/development aspects of the energy system in current and future modelling work.

For facilitating the knowledge exchange, a modelling forum will be established. The forum will involve the organisation of five workshops related to specific challenges with respect to modelling.  

Their aim is to exchange best-practice examples and, whenever necessary, to formulate and test alternative modelling approaches. The workshops will be open to any interested energy modeller, European and internationally. Thereby, these workshops will serve as an open exchange platform and promote the goal of the Horizon 2020 programme of transparency and openness in applied modelling.

By assessing the caveats of existing approaches and developing strategies to overcome the limitations,  these workshops are expected to prove beneficial to the development of more holistic models, better suited to the research questions of the future.

As with stakeholder events, a bidirectional information flow will be encouraged: knowledge gained at these workshops will consequently also be used in our own model extension work. This exchange will help fine tune the modelling techniques and approaches planned to be used in the main pathway assessment part.